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My client was undergoing business difficulties. In order to improve the situation somehow he decided to introduce a very experienced businessman who could possibly take the company out of crisis to his structure of founding members. He was ready to offer a good share to the candidate. However, there was a risk that the new part owner would simply ‘get my client gone’ and would get hold of the entire business. The client contacted me with a question, “What will happen if I admit this person to the structure of co-founders?” With help of alternative forecasting techniques I made a conclusion that the businessman who would be admitted to the structure of co-founders would take the company out of crisis but at the same time, would acquire my client’s share. And so it happened.


How such accuracy of prediction was achieved

I am going to give a brief description below of how it was technically done so you could see this is a result of accurate calculation and application of strict rules of horary astrology rather than random guessing or pure intuition.

It all starts from consideration of planetary disposition at the time when my client applies to me. In this case, planets were distributed above as it is shown in the picture below:

Horary - dismissal


Main characters on sidereal stage

This picture is kind of sidereal stage and planets are actors on it. According to ancient rules, I consider just a few planets which are main characters in this particular issue and look at their current positions. Then I watch their prospective movement - this shows me what is going to happen in the future. In fact, planets show me current and prospective flow of psychological unconscious process of my client. This flow of inner reality will bring to actions certain events in client's life - this is the main idea of prediction.

In this particular case the main roles are distributed among the following planets:

  • The Sun and the Moon (my client)
  • Venus (his business) 
  • Mercury (my client's money)

Technique applied - question sincerity assessment

Before proceeding to forecast I look at current position of the planets and relationships between them - this shows me current circumstances in client's life (or projection of his internal reality if you wish). I compare it with what I was told by my client. This is not because I do not believe his words. This is just a standart procedure of question sincerity assessment. The principle is simple - if what I'm told corresponds to what I see in the chart I deal with a sincere question and I move on to the prediction. If not - the real question is about something else. I will not move further until I get the real issue behind the words pronounced.

I perform this procedure to ensure that future dynamics of unconscious flows as it is shown in the chart, i.e. prospective circumstances in client's life will manifest exactly as I forecast

So I start to check up:

So I start checking up:

1. Business 

There are several indications at a time of what is happening to my client’s business: 

  • Venus (business) is moving in an unnatural retrograde direction. You can literally say that the business goes not as it should go.  Moreover, Venus is getting close to the area which astrologists call ‘under the the Sun beams’.  Venus gets weaker each day. Business goes in an unnatural way and is going from bad to worse day by day. Frankly speaking, the business development trend is terrible.
  • The planets can be ‘ruled by each other’. In this chart, Venus (business) is totally ruled by Mercury (the querent’s wallet). Literally saying, the business still exists only due to my client’s investment. This totally confirms the current situation.    
  • My client (the Sun) is located in the 10th sector of the sidereal chart, in the so called "house of business". In other words, he is wrapped up in his business and devotes all his energy to keep the company going.  Whereas, the Sun is absolutely connected with the so called South Lunar Node. This is simply fettering the Sun’s hands, - the Sun is unable to do anything. In other words, the owner of the business is doing his best to take his business out of crisis but nothing comes out of it. This also totally corresponds to what my client has told.  

2. A new partner 

Now I look at the possible co-founder. Saturn (the co-founder) is connected with Spica Star – it provides Saturn with exceptional protection. The co-founder is very well-connected. It got totally confirmed and as it became evident later the co-founder had a connection on the level of the city Mayor’s office.

3. Conclusion 

So, I see three clear things that validate my client’s story. The facet of client's psychological reality  shown in the chart corresponds to visible projection of that reality in particular circumstances of client's life. The question is sincere, I can move on to prediction. My forecast will be accurate. 

Technique - forecasting

The rule is simple  - I watch prospective movements of planets and see what will happen to them. This shows me what will happen in psychological and as consequence in visible reality of my client. Before I move on to forecast I make an important observation concerning the possible co-founder. 

  • Planets may have ‘feelings’ to each other. Saturn (the co-founder) desires Venus (business) very much. In other words, the co-founder would like to have this business and, so, he will start to drag it out of crisis. Taking into consideration the connections he's got, there is no doubt he will succeed. 
  • Saturn (the co-founder) has no use for the Sun (my client). The co-founder has no intention to develop this business together with the Sun (my client). This is a very important note. 

Now I let the planets move and will see what will happen to them: 

  • At the moment as I see the co-founder is not going to develop business with my client, but at the same time he would like to get hold of this business. Will Saturn’s approach change in the course of its next movement? No, Saturn is not changing the attitude in the future. Will the possible co-founder want to share business with its current owner? By no means! Will he be doing his best to get control of the entire business? By all means!
  • Planets can be ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Saturn (i.e. the co-founder) is very ‘honorable’ in this chart. This means that the possible co-founder will not be using any backstairs politics. He will act in a humane manner trying to get the 100% share interest. He will most likely propose to acquire the share of the current owner. 
  • Planets can ‘be thinking’ of each other. At the moment, my client (the Moon) is thinking about his money (Mercury). And no wonder, for my client has to keep the business going at his own cost. However, the Moon will move to a new sign and will forget these troublesome thoughts about Mercury straight away. Moreover, the Moon (i.e. my client) will feel very good soon. As if the financial situation turned for the better. How can it be? Let us have a look at my client’s money. 
  • Right now, Mercury (the client’s money) is in a very mean position. But soon enough, Mercury will enter its own sign – to put it literally, there will be a ‘great lot of’  Mercury. To put it simply, my client will have a lot of money. Whereas, Mercury will be very much supported by the Sun which is a natural indicator of a large sum of money. However, where will it come from? It will come from there where Mercury is now – from the 10th sector of the chart, i.e. from the current business. But how can the business bring a large sum at once and all of a sudden when it is in a grip of crisis?  It is clear that under the current circumstances it may happen only if his own share is sold to the new co-founder. 

The result

I see a clear picture here – the co-founder will get the company out of crisis using his enormous connections. At the same time, he will make an offer to my client that he would acquire the share of the latter thus resolving all his financial difficulties. And, as I see it, my client will accept it.  And so it happened.

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