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My client heard through the grapevine that there might be a wave of dismissals at the enterprise she was working. She contacted me to ask a question, ‘Will I get dismissed?’ With help of alternative forecasting techniques I made a conclusion that in 10 weeks she would lose her job. However, she would be  transferred to another department within the same company.  

What really happened 

Right in 10 weeks the chief called my client and informed her that she would have to leave her job. However, on the very same day she was recommended to take a new job in another department of the same company. 

How such accuracy of prediction was achieved

I am going to give a brief description below of how it was technically done so you could see this is a result of accurate calculation and application of strict rules of horary astrology rather than random guessing or pure intuition. 

It all starts from consideration of planetary disposition at the time when my client applies to me. In this case, planets were distributed above as it is shown in the picture below:

Horary - dismissal

Main characters on sidereal stage

This picture is kind of sidereal stage and planets are actors on it. According to ancient rules, I consider just a few planets which are main characters in this particular issue and look at their current positions. Then I watch their prospective movement - this shows me what is going to happen in the future. In fact, planets show me current and prospective flow of psychological unconscious process of my client. This flow of inner reality will bring to actions certain events in client's life - this is the main idea of prediction.

In this particular case the main roles are distributed among the following planets:

  • Saturn and the Moon (my client)
  • Jupiter (her job)
  • Venus (job loss)

Technique applied - forecasting

The rule is simple  - I watch prospective movements of planets and see what will happen to them. This shows me what will happen in psychological and as consequence in visible reality of my client.

  • Jupiter (i.e. the current job position) will change the sign in 2,5 degrees. Literally saying, the current job position will be changed by something else. 
  • The Moon (i.e. my client) is strictly at Antares star, which indicates the end of the great cycle. In terms of the present case, it is a cycle of the present job position. This also indicates a loss of the current job position.   
  • The Moon (my client) is currently in the so-called 10nd sector of the sidereal chart. This sector is called the ‘House of job position’. We can literally say that the client is still at her job. But have a look, right in 2,5 degrees the Moon (i.e. my client)  is leaving this house – loss of job is coming soon. 
  • The Moon (the client) is freely meeting the planet of Venus (loss of job) in 10 degrees. 

So, I identify four consistent indicators of the current job position loss at a time. The date when this event will take place is indicated by a number of degrees the planets pass to reach the changes mentioned above. There are methods to determine particular units of time. In this particular case, it makes 2.5 months or 10 weeks (the very 2.5 degrees and 10 degrees on the chart). So, the loss of job is inevitable – this is where my client’s mental reality is moving to. There are ways to change this movement and timely adjust forming reality. But in this case there is no need to do that. And that is why: 

  • There are certain relations between the planets. Jupiter (i.e. job) ‘loves’ Saturn (i.e. my client). They boss would not like to lose his employee and is not ready to just let her go like in spite of the necessity to vacant this post. 
  • Jupiter (i.e. job position) becomes better than it is now when passing to the new sign. The new social status, which is coming after leaving the present job, is even better than the current one. One simply cannot  land on the street level and find him- or herself in better conditions. Therefore, it is not landing on the street level we are talking about but a change of job position. 


So, in this case, there is no need to interfere the run of events.  My client will be dismissed from her current job position and offered a new one right in ten weeks. And so it happened.

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