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My client's company has been participating in tender. As it often happens in Russia the outcome of competition was generally agreed between all parties and tender was just a formality. But in a very last moment another company applied for competition - this could brake initial plans to win this tender. My client came to me with the question "Would my company win this competition?". With help of alternative forecasting techniques I made conclusion that new company was introduced by the customer as prospective winner of tender. This was done since customer's affiliated company would be taken as subcontractor of the winner. The declared project price would go down in few days, the new company would win the tender, most of project work would be given to customer's affiliated company.

What really happened

In few days as it was predicted project cost was decreased on 10 million rubbles. The new company formally won the tender because it fitted new price. Later it turned out that most of the work was given to subcontractor - indeed this was customer's affiliated structure.

How such accuracy of prediction was achieved

I am going to give a brief description below of how it was technically done so you could see this is a result of accurate calculation and application of strict rules of horary astrology rather than random guessing or pure intuition.

It all starts from consideration of planetary disposition at the moment the question is asked. In this case planets were distributed above as it is shown in the picture below:

Horary - dismissal


Main characters on sidereal stage

This picture is kind of sidereal stage and planets are actors on it. According to ancient rules, I consider just a few planets which are main characters in this particular issue and look at their current positions. Then I watch their prospective movement - this shows me what is going to happen in the future. In fact, planets show me current and prospective flow of psychological unconscious process of my client. This flow of inner reality will bring to actions certain events in client's life - this is the main idea of prediction.

In this particular case the main roles are distributed among the following planets:

  • Mercury (my client's company)
  • Jupiter (customer)
  • Saturn (declared cost of project work)

Technique applied - question sincerity assessment

Before proceeding to forecast I look at current position of the planets and relationships between them - this shows me current circumstances in client's life (or projection of his internal reality if you wish). I compare it with what I was told by my client. This is not because I do not believe his words. This is just a standart procedure of question sincerity assessment. The principle is simple - if what I'm told corresponds to what I see in the chart I deal with a sincere question and I move on to the prediction. If not - the real question is about something else. I will not move further until I get the real issue behind the words pronounced.

I perform this procedure to ensure that future dynamics of unconscious flows as it is shown in the chart, i.e. prospective circumstances in client's life will manifest exactly as I forecast

So I start to check up:

1. The new company which applied recently for competition

According to ancient rules planets can "feel" each other or get in contact with each other.

  • In this particular chart Mercury (my client and his company) is unhappy with the Moon (new company), i.e. my client is disappointed by new company applied for competition which is in exact correspondence with what client says.
  • Jupiter (customer) recently came into contact with the Moon (new company) - new company indeed had contact with customer when applied for tender - this also corresponds to what I'm told.
2. Client's main interest

My client told me that declared cost of the project is extremely high and he is interested to get these money. I see in the chart that Mercury (my client) is interested in Saturn (money from the deal). And Saturn is in very good condition in the chart. Literally there are lots of money in the game. This exactly describes the reality.

3. Conclusion

I see 3 clear confirmation of what I was told. The facet of client's psychological reality as it shown in the chart corresponds to visible projection of that reality in particular circumstances of client's life. The question is sincere, I can move on to prediction. My forecast will be accurate.

Technique - forecasting

The principle is simple - I watch prospective movements of planets and see what will happen with them. This shows me what will happen in psychological and as consequence in visible reality of my client. Before I move on to forecast I make an important observation:

  • Customer (Jupiter) and new company (the Moon) are both in power of Venus - a new character (a third company) in the chart. Customer and new company-participant have common interest - they are united by other company.
  • Venus (this hidden company) rules the 12th sector of sidereal chart. This means that customer and new participant of tender both hide existence of that third company.
  • Venus (the hidden company indicated) is ruled by Jupiter (customer). Literally this hidden company is affiliated structure of customer's head office.

So I see that new company comes onto the stage. This hidden company is affiliated structure of customer's head office and it hides behind new participant of tender. It seems as if the project goes to that hidden company with help of new participant which plays a role a formal  winner of the tender (since customer cannot directly invite affiliated company to take part in competition). 

But I need to ensure and to check what will happen in future. Now I let the planets to make their movements:

  • In its prospective movement the Moon (new participant) will connect Jupiter (customer) and Venus (affiliated hidden company). This can be read quite literally.
  • Saturn (declared project cost) will soon turn back in its movement and will get retrograde - literally cost will be decreased in few days.

The result

I see a clear picture here - a new company was invited by customer as formal participant and prospective winner since it introduces the real player - an affiliated customer's company which goes as subcontractor. Declared cost of project will be artificially decreased for benefit of formal winner. And so it happened

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