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Preface. This example is not an easy reading. It combines basics of jungian psychotherapy, medieval medicine and medieval horary practice. It is addressed to a specific audience.

A young lady who suffered regular attacks of uncontrolled fear came to me with a question what was heppening to her. She was in psychotherapy for more than a year but still could not understand a clear reason of these attacks.

With help of alternative forecasting tools together with special ceremony aimed to establish dialogue with unconsciousness I identified the reason of that fears. It was a trauma caused to my client when she was 7 years old - she was dopey when her father was watching a TV triller and sudden sound of gun scared her and waked her up. The trauma was caused in a frontier condition (between dream and reality - this is exactly condition when unconscious programming possible) so fear nestled within unconsciousness.

Further work with professional psychotherapist confirmed this cause of that specific trauma.

How diagnosis was established

Before moving on to description of diagnosis I need to refer a reader to the book of Donald Kalsched 'Early Trauma and Dreams, Transformational Process in the Psychoanalysis' since I will use terminology Daemon 

I also need to refer a reader to classical books on Medieval astrological medicine, since I will use terminology Humors and Arestotelian principles in this example

Tibet ritual and humors

The first part of diagnosis started from Tibet ceremony of feeding a daemon. This ceremony was initially practiced in Tibet monasteries but nowadays it is often used by jungian psychotherapy under other names to establish contact with early trauma.

In my practice I noticed a regularity - a humoral essence of daemon revealed during ritual corresponds to the same essence of one of the planets in natal chart of my clients. Moreover position of that planet astro-anatomically corresponds to localization of daemon in a body. Another important point is that the main (the strongest) daemon caused by early trauma is represented by leading planet in horoscope. So if I encounter with daemon which corrsponds to non-leading planet in horoscope, I deal with later psychological trauma.

Now I need to find a planet which corresponds to a daemon revealed during ritual, then I will find if this planet is leading or non-leading one in horoscope of my client. This helps me to understand if this is early trauma or not.

  • During this ritual I established that daemon causing fear of my client was of cold & dry essemce - this corresponds to melancholic deseases. According to nediavel astro-medicine practice excess of melancholy creates fears on psychological level.
  • There are just two planets of cold & dry nature - they are Saturn and Mercury. But this is Saturn which governs fears.
  • The daemon I discovered during ritual located in both eyes. In my client’s natal chart Saturn opposes the Sun with terrible reception (left eye of woman) and governs the Moon (the right eye of woman). No doubt, Saturn is plabetary essence of daemon (a psyhical charged claster) discovered
  • But Saturn is not a leading planet in my client's horoscope. This means I had deal with secondary daemon, i.e. with trauma caused in later childhood.

The early traumas of girls are deeply connected with archetypical figure of mother while later traumas are connected with figure of father.

During ritual I also established that daemon sounded as a clap. This suggested me that I had deal with event rather than condition or repeating situation which initiated feeling of fear. But this is still a guess. I need to be sure to establish exact diagnosis.


My client could not refresh in her memory any particular episode which could cause jitters. To help her to remember I casted a horary chart with client’s question - what was a cause (event or situation probably connected with a father) that created that fright?

Horary - psychotherapy 

The chart above represents constellation of planets at the moment question was asked. For me this picture is kind of navigation map where I will find an answer about past event.

My client (at the moment of fright) is represented here by planet Venus. Venus is in power of Saturn, literally my client was in power of something which is shown by Saturn when she got scared. Additionally the Moon (my client’s emotions) just had contact with Saturn. Moreover Saturn just entered new sign. Whatever Saturn represents, it just appeared and it is the root of fright. 

Saturn by itself signifies hearing and sounds. This makes sense, since daemon I handled with had specific sound of clap. 

But in this particular chart Saturn also signifies client’s father and any kind of entertainment (for instance TV movies) since it rules specific sectors of the chart. 

The first sector of the chart represents my client’s 'here-and-now' at the moment of fright while opposite sector represents my client’s 'out-there'. Right on the beginning of opposite sector there is  planet Uranus which may be considered as fixed star in Medieval astrology. This star signifies sudden events. So whatever happened 'out-there' it was very sudden. Which also make sense in view of what was said about daemon’s clap.

In addition I noticed that in my client’s opposite sector there is astrological indicator called South Node which shows big regret going out from «out-there». This also makes sense - whatever happened that day it spoiled my clients life with fear.

So far I have following: fright was caused by something which happened suddenly, it is connected with sound, father and entertainment.

I also noticed that right on the beginning of 4th sector of the chart (which also represents client’s father) there is a planet called Pluto - it also can be read as fixed star in Medieval horary astrology. This star brings war and fighting into a matter. In our case it connects client’s father with war and shooting in one or another way. This is also interesting point because the daemon of fear had sound of clap similar to sound of gun.

Moreover Pluto is in tight conjunction with planet Mercury which represent’s client's dream. It is like sound of shooting (which is connected with father and entertainment) came to the client’s dream. It came suddenly and brought fright.

Now we have some information to synthesize.

  • The cause of fright came suddenly and it came via the dream. Daemon is located in eyes and of black color (symbolical blindness or sleeping)
  • I knew from conversation with client that she was living with father when she was 7 years old and her father used to watch trillers till deep night. Chart showed me that cause of fears came from the father (who was connected with sounds of shooting and entertainment), it came suddenly. Daemon had a specific sound of clap or shooting.


So the diagnosis is quite obvious - my clients was in frontier condition between dream and reality (this is exactly condition when unconscious programming possible) when she heard sudden sound of gun. This was a sound of fight from triller watched by her father in the midnight. This event unconsciously settled fear in heart of my client.

And so it proved later during professional psychotherapeutic process.

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