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My client suffered constant troubles with personal life.  Her love affaire with the young man she was dating at that time was not much a success as well.  Her question sounded quite common, ‘What will our relationship come to?’, and, ‘What can be done to improve it?’ With help of alternative forecasting techniques I made a conclusion that her relations with that young man would get her nowhere – the couple would break up. I also found that the cause of her constant failures in personal relations was coming down to a very simple model – love occurred only when she felt abandoned by men while normal, even relationship frightened her. I found what had got rise to that model by the end of the consultation and provided her with advice how to come out of this model. 


What really happened 

The love affaire with that young man never resulted in a long married life, just the way it had been predicted. 

Moreover, the diagnosis I made turned out to be correct – the client confirmed that the relationship model I revealed kept getting implemented in her life with a remarkable persistence. She also confirmed that some events that I found did take place in her childhood (it was them that had given rise to the revealed model of relationship with men).

How such accuracy of prediction was achieved

I am going to give a brief description below of how it was technically done so you could see this is a result of accurate calculation and application of strict rules of horary astrology rather than random guessing or pure intuition. 

It all starts from consideration of planetary disposition at the time when my client applies to me. In this case, planets were distributed above as it is shown in the picture below:

Horary - dismissal


Main characters on sidereal stage

This picture is kind of sidereal stage and planets are actors on it. According to ancient rules, I consider just a few planets which are main characters in this particular issue and look at their current positions. Then I watch their prospective movement - this shows me what is going to happen in the future. In fact, planets show me current and prospective flow of psychological unconscious process of my client. This flow of inner reality will bring to actions certain events in client's life - this is the main idea of prediction.

In this particular case the main roles are distributed among the following planets:

  • Mars and the Moon (my client)  
  • Venus and the Sun (her boyfriend)

Technique applied - question sincerity assessment

Before proceeding to forecast I look at current position of the planets and relationships between them - this shows me current circumstances in client's life (or projection of his internal reality if you wish). I compare it with what I was told by my client. This is not because I do not believe his words. This is just a standard procedure of question sincerity assessment. The principle is simple - if what I'm told corresponds to what I see in the chart I deal with a sincere question and I move on to the prediction. If not - the real question is about something else. I will not move further until I get the real issue behind the words pronounced.

I perform this procedure to ensure that future dynamics of unconscious flows as it is shown in the chart, i.e. prospective circumstances in client's life will manifest exactly as I forecast. 

So I start checking up:

1. The client’s feelings 

Planets may have ‘feelings’ to each other. The Moon (the girl) is madly in love with Venus (the young man), but Mars (also the girl, but the rational part of her) is very disappointed with the Sun (the man, his behavior).  Literally saying, on the one hand, the girl is deeply in love with this man and wants to be with him; and on the other hand, he disappoints her very much as a man (later on I will explain why it happens  like this). It will be completely confirmed by my client.

2. The man’s feelings and the events of his life
  • Venus (the man) is deeply in love with Mars (my client) but the power of the Sun (all the man energy) is directed to another channel (later on, I will show that it is connected with his job abroad). It has got fully confirmed as well. 
  • The Sun (the man) is in the 9th sector of the sidereal chart which astrologers call ‘the area of distant journeys). Moreover, the Sun (the man) is totally ruled by Jupiter which represents a distant country in this chart. Literally saying, the young man is abroad and is completely taken up with his business there. He just does not have enough time for my client. It has got fully confirmed as well. 
  • Not long ago, The Sun (the man) has been in contact (or in conjunction, i.e. coition as astrologers also call it) with some third planet – literally saying, the man has recently had an affaire with another woman abroad. The client has confirmed this fact as well. 
3. Some more details on the client herself 

Moreover, Mars (i.e. my client ) is at the top of the 12th sector of the chart. Literally saying, my client is hiding something from her man. Mars is in the power of some Saturn, whereas this Saturn (some third character) has recently had an intrigue (or conjunction by antiscia, as astrologers call it), with Mars (my client).  According to all the indications, my client has recently had an intrigue with another man. It has got fully confirmed as well.

4. Conclusion

So, I see five clear things that validate my client’s story. The facet of client's psychological reality shown in the chart corresponds to visible projection of that reality in particular circumstances of client's life. The question is sincere, I can move on to prediction. My forecast will be accurate.

Technique - forecasting

The rule is simple - I watch prospective movements of planets and see what will happen to them. This shows me what will happen in psychological and as consequence in visible reality of my client. If I see that the girl’s and her boyfriend’s planets will get in contact in the course of their movement, and at the same time they want each other or a planet symbolizing marriage, I state that the  love affaire will develop – the couple will make a family. If this contact does not take place, the couple will get broken up over time. 

In this particular case, in spite of the fact that a formal future contact of the boy’s and the girl’s planets exists, these planets do not have enough liking for each other to get married. On the contrary, one of the planets doesn’t want the other one - Venus (the man) will abandon the Moon (my client). This contact will lead to a future rupture – the man will be the first to terminate the existing relations, and this couple will break up. 

How such accuracy of diagnosis was achieved

Now I am going to show you how I diagnosed the causes of my client’s constant personal life failures. I will point out a very important thing straight away. If a person appears in our environment and becomes very important to us, it only means that some unconscious psychics structure inside our soul ingrained back in the early childhood has required implementation, i.e. a kind of personalization and realization of its energy in the external world. For instance, our inner ‘mother’ or inner ‘father’ can manifest in a person we’ve met, of course, provided that the person we’ve met matches this purpose one way or another. He or she should have a lot in common with our inner ‘father’ or ‘mother’ including their manner, smells, some life circumstances, etc. 

The relationship model of the man. “Overcaring mother”

Now I am going to provide a complete analysis of the man’s ‘psychological background’ and will show the exact inner image he is projecting onto my client.

  • The Moon symbolizes the girl’s planet, her emotional part, but, on the other hand, the same planet represents the archetypic image of mother that exists in the man’s mind. 
  • The Moon simply worships the man. Moreover, it is right at the top of the 7th sector of the chart – as astrologers say, the Moon is simply suppressing the man. In other words, I see that a stable image of mother laying her love heavily on him has settled inside the man’s psychics.  I call it ‘overcaring mother’. It literally means that back in the early childhood, the mother would not give the boy a chance to set on his own feet  spoon-feeding him.
  • Please note, what Venus (the man’s planet) is feeling towards the Moon (overcaring mother) – it hates the Moon. Literally saying, back in his childhood the man rejected his mother’s overprotection that was choking him, and now, as an adult he won’t accept any woman’s care and tender- this is a very unrestful space for him. Indeed, in the course of my dialogue with the client I have found that the man does have problems with women – he cannot get along with any of them, and keeps breaking up with them, and takes any kind of care for infringement on his freedom.  We may say that the man has mentally ‘got stuck’ in a process of separation from mother’s energy that chokes him – he abandons each of his women as if escaping his mother’s overprotection. Moreover this man has achieved a great success in business – he devoted an enormous deal of energy to build up his independent life, fiercely trying to show his mother that he can do without her protection and care.  

The girl’s story. “Rejecting Mother” 

In order to maintain this model in the mental space of the man there has to be a woman able to undertake the role of an 'overcaring mother’.  Since my client has got into this man’s mental space, she is able to ‘suppress’ the man with her love somehow, thus, representing his mother.  Let us study my client’s case. 

An image of father is of crucial importance for a girl of three and upward. However, it often happens that girls ‘get stuck’ in prior infant traumas due to the affected primary relations with mothers. Therefore, I need to consider the maternal aspect as well.  

  • The Moon represents an archetypic mother again, but this time, in terms of my client’s life. The Moon rejects Mars (my client). Moreover, the Moon is at the top of the 7th sector of the chart. It is also called ‘house of other people’. It literally means that the mother used to leave her daughter to be taken care of in the other people’s home. This has got immediately confirmed by my client. Her mother kept putting her daughter out to others in order to have time to go about her own business. And this had been happening from the early infancy. 
  • To be left alone means to be abandoned for a small child. A child cannot understand such things like 'Mom has left for work’ or ‘Mom will be back soon’ – he or she has not realized such kind of notions yet. A child feels completely left, in a certain sense broken and trampled on. Should this case repeat, a wild pain of being rejected gets stuck inside the soul of a small boy or girl for the term of all his or her further life.  
  • This is the case this time. Therefore, the relations with mother are translated to relations with men and the entire world. In other words, if a child has been experiencing nothing but rejection from infancy, this is the only form of love he or she will be familiar with and would welcome to his or her life. Any form of any other type of relationships will be strange and as a result very distressing to him or her. My client has confirmed that she feels real emotions and real love only when she gets abandoned by men.  While marriage and family offered to her makes her extremely worry, and she does her best to reject any offers like this. 

Love is a clutch of pathological states

As you may see, a stable alliance of two models (‘rejecting mother’ and ‘pursuing mother’) has been formed in this couple:

  • My client is mentally turning to her ‘rejecting mother’. She is heaping her love on the man with an enormous effort, equal to the pain of her being primarily rejected. This is the love the man needs to fulfill his scenario of breaking up with overprotection choking him, i.e. to implement his psychics model. 
  • We can also consider it from another point of view . The man keeps rejecting his mother separating from her with the an effort equal to the extent the primary mother’s overcaring distresses him. He has found my client only to fulfill the purpose he’s been weirded  to once again– to abandon her and implement his psychological scenario of life. However, this is just what my client needs, since, in fact, she is able to feel real love only when she gets abandoned – she is also fulfilling her purpose. 

I have noted long time ago in the course of my practice that the deeper traumas people clutch each other with are, the deeper and fiercer the feelings they experience are.   Moreover, such kind of relations turn out to be extraordinary stable. Even in my client’s case, the relations with her man have turned into a painful and severe breaking lasting for months. Both parties have got ‘stuck’ in a never-ending separation since this is something that provides both of them with extraordinary energy.


In the end, I provided some recommendations including psychotherapeutic exercises as well as some methods of the so-called astromagic – symbolic living up the primary planetary essences which govern the development of mental processes.  Since these methods are my ‘know-how’, I cannot disclose them in the framework of this case.

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