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My client could not get pregnant for a long time for a variety of reasons. She contacted me in despair with a question ‘Will I ever have children?'. With help of alternative forecasting techniques I made a conclusion the though my client would have children, she would secretly adopt a child and it would be a girl. I also found out why she could not have her own children and provided recommendations how to change the situation.  

What really happened

The client totally confirmed her intention to adopt another’s girl and also confirmed some events of her early childhood that I found to be the reason of delays in having her own babies. At present, she has not yet had her own children – it’s been too little time since my diagnosis. However, this case is very illustrative of revealing deep reasons making it difficult for a woman to have her own children. 

How such accuracy of prediction was achieved

I am going to give a brief description below of how it was technically done so you could see this is a result of accurate calculation and application of strict rules of horary astrology rather than random guessing or pure intuition. 

It all starts from consideration of planetary disposition at the time when my client applies to me. In this case, planets were distributed above as it is shown in the picture below:


Horary - dismissal



Main characters on sidereal stage

This picture is kind of sidereal stage and planets are actors on it. According to ancient rules, I consider just a few planets which are main characters in this particular issue and look at their current positions. Then I watch their prospective movement - this shows me what is going to happen in the future. In fact, planets show me current and prospective flow of psychological unconscious process of my client. This flow of inner reality will bring to actions certain events in client's life - this is the main idea of prediction.

In this particular case the main roles are distributed among the following planets:

  • The 1st and the 5th sectors of the sidereal stage as well as the Sun, Mars,  and the Moon (reproductive performance of my client) 
  • The 7th and the 11th sectors of the sidereal chart as well as Saturn, and Venus (reproductive performance of the baby’s father)

Additional characters 

  • To diagnose the reason of the difficulties with having children I will also need the following planets:
  • The Sun and the Moon – my client
  • Saturn – the  man (the child’s father) 
  • Mars – her child 
  • Venus – another’s child  

Technique applied - question sincerity assessment

Before proceeding to forecast I look at current position of the planets and relationships between them - this shows me current circumstances in client's life (or projection of his internal reality if you wish). I compare it with what I was told by my client. This is not because I do not believe his words. This is just a standard procedure of question sincerity assessment. The principle is simple - if what I'm told corresponds to what I see in the chart I deal with a sincere question and I move on to the prediction. If not - the real question is about something else. I will not move further until I get the real issue behind the words pronounced.

I perform this procedure to ensure that future dynamics of unconscious flows as it is shown in the chart, i.e. prospective circumstances in client's life will manifest exactly as I forecast. 

So I start checking up:

1. Fertility assessment
  • When studying the main fertility factors  I see that right at the top of the 5th sector of the chart (my client’s potential baby),  there is a destructive Saturn – it  reduces the chances of having her own babies considerably, however, it is not a restricting factor. This Saturn is not located in the infertile sign; no matter what makes it difficult to get pregnant, it is not a  physiological factor. Other fertility factors are fine – my client’s reproductive function is fine. 
  • Saturn, which is standing out sharply as a restricting factor in the chart, all by itself represents a partner (a man) as well. Saturn is also a planet of great loneliness by its nature. Literally saying, a lack of a man in my client’s life is a very reason of troubles with having a baby. This has been confirmed in the course of the conversation – my client has had problems with relations with men. 
2. What the woman wants
  • The Sun (my client) is in the 5th sector of the chart (in the ‘House of Children’ as astrologers call it). Literally saying, my client is totally absorbed in thoughts related to having children – this is another confirmation of the question serenity.
  • The Moon (my client, her aspirations) does not want Mars (her own baby) but is putting Venus  (the another’s child) on a pedestal instead. Judging by all this, the client feels fear of maternity and is serious about adopting a baby. It has been confirmed in the course of the dialogue as well. 
4. Conclusion

So, I see four clear things that validate my client’s story. The facet of client's psychological reality shown in the chart corresponds to visible projection of that reality in particular circumstances of client's life. The question is sincere, I can move on to prediction. My forecast will be accurate.

Technique - forecasting

The rule is simple  - I watch prospective movements of planets and see what will happen to them. This shows me what will happen in psychological and as consequence in visible reality of my client. 

I will also take into account that there are no physiological fertility problems, but  at the same time, there is nothing to show that the troubles with relations with men will vanish miraculously. Whereas, I see an intention to adopt another’s baby and no restrictions for adoption. I also see that Venus (the another’s baby) and the Sun (my client) are in conjunction by antiscia, i.e. my client is going to adopt a baby in a secret way. 

So, I am moving the planets forward and see that the Moon (my client) gets easily in contact with Venus (another’s baby) – women planet in women sign – it will be a girl. I should say that the querent has confirmed that she has been planning to adopt a girl secretly. 

The forecast is simple – there will be a baby, but not her own one. 

How such accuracy of diagnosis was achieved

The evolving situation can be changed, it is possible to do so that my client will have her own babies.  But in order to do this we need to understand why this very structure of destiny is being put into life now. Who laid down the problems with relations to men and fear of maternity; and how did he do that? And from this point, we are going deep into the archetypical layer of the horary chart. 

We have two crucial modules in my client’s psychics:  fear of maternity and unwillingness to welcome men to her life. It seems to be the result of a deep trauma caused back in her childhood. As I have  already described in other cases, an infant trauma can be caused to a girl either by her mother (age under three) or by her father (age of three and upward).  

1. The story with her mother

As usually, I will start getting deeper into the chart with the great image of mother.  

  • The archetypical mother in my client’s mind is represented  by the Moon. 
  • The Moon is expelling the Sun (my client) – my client’s mother was driving her own daughter out of her heart back in the period of the primary relationship. And indeed, the mother was not giving her daughter any love and tenderness – it has been confirmed.   The client has also confirmed that, in general, she has been experiencing difficulties with expressing her love to anyone.

What is the feeling that makes a basis of maternity and baby-feeding, you think? Surely, it is love. Mother’s love to her baby. But how the querent can have a feeling she does not understand and has not ever experienced in all her life?  

Moreover, if a child has no idea of warmth; if he or she has been suffering total rejection since infancy, any approach of love causes an uncontrollable feeling of overwhelming anxiety. A child learns to live bypassing this feeling of anxiety, avoiding true feelings, avoiding love expression.  This custom gets stiff as years go by, and now, the adult woman won’t simply let any situations that might give rise to the feeling of warmth into her life. No men, no children. No anxiety.

My client won’t admit children to her life (the Moon is expelling Mars out) just the same way her mother used to drive her daughter out of her heart (the Moon is expelling the Sun).

The circumstances of the childhood are totally projected into the adulthood.

At the same time, my client remains a woman and, first of all, wants to fulfill her maternity purpose – no one has ever cancelled the Voice of Nature. Whereas, getting closer to the idea of baby-feeding causes an incredible anxiety. So, what is the way out? It is adopting a baby! This is what the chart is showing. This is just what my client confirms.  

2. The story with my client’s father

Proceeding with infant trauma study I am going to have a look at the archetypical image of my client’s father.

  • The mother (the Moon) is expelling the father (the Sun) – literally saying, the mother is driving the father out.
  • Vindemiatrix, the star of divorce, located  at the top of the 4th sector of the chart (the house of father, as astrologers call it) hints  at the external nature of this archetypical link of the planets, as if at some point, the mother has turned her husband away.  

And my client did confirm that back in her early childhood her mother had turned her father out of door and got her will to divorce. And it could not help telling on the child’s psychics. The mother turning male space out of her life has passed this model to her daughter, and now my client keeps unconsciously expelling men from her life.  

3. Diagnosis 

I see that the reason of lack of children (fear of maternity) and well-settled personal life (expulsion of all male and female from life) lies in an infant trauma - her father’s leaving, to be exact, and a deeper one is being totally rejected by her mother. 

In this case, the task is to revive love – a feeling she has never known since she was a child - in my client’s heart.

There is no short cut there, none of symbolic rituals can fill that psychics gap that has been set up back in the early childhood.

Therefore, as a solution to the problem, I suggested that my client should start a course of jungian psychotherapy.


At the moment, my client is successfully undergoing a course of psychotherapy. As mentioned in the beginning, it’s been too little time since my diagnosis was made to know if my client has managed to turn the outlined course of events.  In any case, the exact diagnosis of an infant trauma being  the basis of the impossibility to have children saved my client several months of working with a psychotherapist.

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