Psychological projections

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….. Where the mental process goes, there your life history goes 

The forces are disposed in this world in such a way that a number of rich people as well as a number of successful businessmen is much less than a number of poor and unfortunate ones. What does it depend on?   

The two philosophy types – saving and venture 

Let us start with a simple thing. People fall under two types – those who save, and those who earn. It is not their obvious behavior I am talking about now, but a focus of attention.  

What is the first thought that occurs you when you run out of money? ‘How to live up to the next salary?” or ‘how to minimize business costs till the end of the quarter?” Or “I do not have enough money to buy jeans with. How should I cut my expenses so that to save up the sum I need?’ This is a philosophy of resource saving. It is a philosophy of living life through in general.   

Nevertheless, there is an opposite vector of world interaction. When you run out of money, you do not think of saving at all. A devilish twinkle flashes up in your eyes at once, and you tell yourself, ‘I do not have enough money to buy jeans with. Hm….ok. Where can I quickly earn money to buy new jeans with, and leave for Monaco with these very jeans on next Friday?’  Your attention is focused in an entirely different direction.  This is a philosophy of active earning presupposing a great deal of adventure and  gaming. 

People fall under saving and adventurous ones.  

Focus of attention and energy… 

There is a simple rule: where there is attention, there is energy. If you always focus on saving, you are good at saving, and if you are ‘cut out for earning’, you are always good at earning. In other words, the inner vector defines external circumstances, and not vice versa. Mental energy revives those spheres of visible world where this energy flows. That is the way this perceived world is: it is mechanical outside, but very alive by its nature. Filling with life, as well as  external movement starts  from the point where mental energy is focused, where there is a focus of attention. 

Psychological projection

At this stage,  it is necessary to touch upon a very important issue. All your life is a total projection of your own intrinsic processes. These processes nearly always run in the shadow, in other words, unconsciously. Nevertheless, it is amazing that the city you live in, the family you deserve, your job, your wages, the business you possess is a complete projection of yourself to the visible world. There is no ‘external events beyond your control’, there is a total projection of yourself to the external world. The direction of your psychics ‘revives’ or ‘actualizes’ external circumstances i.e., the stream-way of your life. Let us put it as follows: your mental processes materialize into the external world either in a form of circumstances and events (the so called response), or in a form of health disorders (the so called  somatization). The energy of life always finds a stream-way for running. And nothing external can heave in your sight unless you welcome and allow it. This concerns everything: success and failures, health disorders and circle of social contacts, place of residence and job. Everything. It may seem strange on the face of it, but it is a very well-studied fact.   

Therefore, getting back to the above said, an unconscious focus of your attention defines the vector of your circumstances development. It fulfills your life and sets the direction. 

Male and female space… 

Take note that most of people live in the ‘space of saving’. It is a remarkable passive attitude when resources flow into your life by the externally set schedules (regular though not the largest salary, some social benefits, bonuses, and discounts), and people perfectly live up with it. This is an attitude of a ‘victim of circumstances’. It is a very passive by nature and very convenient (in terms of shifting responsibility) attitude. In fact, this way of living is an implementation of the female archetypic mental space. 

It is that very space a lot of unfortunate young entrepreneurs descend from. They are former office managers got used to choosing benefit packages and pension schemes. Trying to make business on the basis of some technically correct schedules on the face of it, they mentally keep a ‘play it safe’ attitude, a fear of adventure, in other words they remain inside the ‘maternal field’. 

However, success and money income is an extremely explicit male or ‘paternal’ mental space. Due to early infant traumas an access to this space gets blocked for lots of boys and girls; it is guarded by unrest, sense of guilt, unbearable pain, fear, etc. These boys and girls become adults, but a habit of bypassing this area of psychics remains, since there is a lot that makes it intolerable there. The vast majority of adult population in the modern society is afflicted with this complex. This explains why there are so few successful and charismatic persons compared to the passive majority thankful for small favors and living within the framework of the philosophy of saving.

I have seen a lot of unlucky attempts of young businessmen to make technically correct business. I have noted that the attention of those businessmen was focused on anything: development of a nice web-site, designing cute business cards, attending status events - in general, on anything not related to direct sales. And that makes sense as a habit of bypassing the things that make them worry has been forming in their bodies for years.  

I am also very much familiar with cases of ‘money drain’, when a business started to bring some first income but it all slimed through fingers somehow. New cars would get involved in accidents, lent money would not be paid back, some unexpected expenses would arise and no one could recall them later on. Such a ‘money incontinence’ effect is also explained by the fact that a body protects itself against entering a male or paternal space where it feels uncomfortable.   

Let us put it straight, if you are deep inside the ‘maternal field’, a habit of living passively, then even a mere touch upon a large sum of money causes fear and unrest which is almost always unconscious but so strong that it is easier for a body to get rid of the money than to go on living in a state of unbearable anxiety.  A body needs to get rid of a contact with the archetypic male part of itself as soon as possible. You start to get rid of money unconsciously.  You bring yourself back to a comfortable and familiar state of lack of money where you feel so safe and calm, where there is no responsibility and headaches caused by possible risks…  This is what happens ‘under the bonnet’ of the visible world. And on the face of it, it can materialize in a form on a series of failures, sales slowdown, unexpected project difficulties (sub-contractor has failed you, force-major has occurred, etc.) But the essence of all these events lies well inside your own mental space and not in any external cause-and-event relations. 

People have developed a habit to watch to the outside turning away from themselves. A great many even believe in circumstances beyond control, are firmly convinced  that their life is like this because they have been born in a family like this, in a city like this, got a job like this, a moderate salary and ‘no way might they become millionaires’  …

However, the homespun truth is that all the life history: the city you live in, the family you’ve got, any circumstances beyond control you are undergoing now – all this is a total projection of your own hidden mental processes, it is a logical continuation of your unconscious intrinsic world, it is a kind of psychics materialization in the external world. 

Psychics fills space with life. Fulfillment with life gives impulse to external events. 

Where the mental process goes, there your life history goes.

Thus, we pass from searching the causes of personal life, money,  business start-up, and other failures in any external circumstances (bad counter parties, delays in delivery, a dreadful wife, a dreadful city, etc.) to undertaking complete responsibility for our own mental processes which define these ‘circumstances beyond control’.