Warm and cold money or how to find your lifework

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The choice of your business niche or lifework is a matter of search for state. Before you start to fulfill yourself, you should ask yourself what you are doing it for. What results do you expect from your business?

Warm money

Assume that you have rendered assistance to a person or a group of persons. And you have got a wave of warm gratitude in return. This makes a feeling of being needed, being essential. It is so necessary for each of us, since it is something about the very first contact with this world; it is about the primary relations with mother. Each of us needs it. 

And now, assume that a form of real gratitude can vary – it can be a happy smile, a gift from someone’s heart, or money as an expression of your help value.

Let us specifically dwell upon money. Any amount you get as gratitude for your work means more than just money. It is already a material representation of your being essential, not just your matter-of-fact expertise, but particularly your being essential, your importance to others. When you get rewarded for your work, you feel an inflow of ‘warm’ money. 

On the one hand, money is a male psychic space, just the same as business is. On the other hand, desire to help, compassion, and involvement is purely a female space of our psychics. When you get ‘warm’ money for your work, you combine both male and female.  

In a mental space like that, you gain two things at a time: an income of money to your life and a feeling of being essential. It is a very resource state, it gives a sense of inner and outer completion. 

Cold Money

When does an imbalance occur? When you take up any business for money. In this case, you are completely in the male space: you are gaining money. And that is all.

An average office employee who makes sales, office manager in charge of record keeping, logistics, or anything else hardly knows whom particularly he or she assists, and what kind of real help he or she renders.  

The owner of business is taking care of the company income, dances around the apple of his or her eye, feeds it, but hardly realizes what particular help he or she delivers to others by his or her business. He or she is just doing business. The end-user is regarded just as an impersonal client, a source of money. One can understand a client’s actions, study client’s preferences, but it has nothing to do with real help and a feeling of the business owner’s being essential. 

It is working with ‘cold’ money. There is a lot of male energy in this space. There is an income of money to life but there is no warmth, no feeling of being essential. 

This state brings no sense of completion; it is hard to feel yourself fulfilled there. Therefore, a lot of beginner entrepreneurs who put ‘cold’ money at the top of their list often have to attend various motivation trainings for start-up and promotion of their personal business, for artificial filling themselves with a sense of success. Since it is not so clear, why I really am doing it for. 

Getting rid of false goals

Before starting your business, you should honestly ask yourself why you are doing this, what you expect to get from it. It must be done right now to avoid illusions, aggression stiffened inside, disappointment, and self-delusion.    

If your answer is turning upon improvement of your own life level: gaining more money, buying a car, buying a yacht, etc. you can confidently take up such business. You will even most likely attain your goals, if the goals are well-defined. But it is unlikely that you would feel the trueness of your business in future. Such type of business shifted towards male energy types will bring you a lot of inner emptiness together with those goals, which would seize to satisfy and inspire you for some reason. And you will be setting new goals again and again in order to have some intrinsic motive, motional impulse in your business. 

This is a never-ending rush for new achievements, overcoming new difficulties. In fact, there is a lot of anxiety, a lot of disturbance in a state like this. A stop in this rush for new goals will inevitably lead to dead season in business. I was through this some time ago when I was doing my first business in conformity with the classical scheme based on setting measurable material goals and achieving them by overcoming oneself, self-discipline, with an effort.   There is little rest, and a lot of dark eye circles due to sleepless nights. 

Later on, being honest to myself, I realized that a search for one’s niche is a search for state. Resource state as I call it, when you are doing your business with inspiration, with no rush, no super-strain, relishing every gram of life around you, enjoying every breath. This is a state of happiness and inner completion. A state of your way. 

Therefore, before starting your business, ask yourself what you are doing it for. What results do you really expect? 

Spiritual criteria 

They often ask oriental mystics, what “one’s way” is. What are the criteria? How can you understand that you are following the way of a interaction contact with yourself? How can you stay in the space of spirituality?

Mystics rarely give answers but I have managed to learn two criteria of being on the spiritual way, which means doing your business.  

Criterion  1

One Indian told his followers, “Where there is spirituality, there is no stagnation”. 

Do you see what it means? It means that if you are standing on the spiritual way, you find yourself in a very resource space; you are bursting to act. 

Why? Since you have got to the point of yourself where there is a lot of energy. You may call it whatever you like: your destiny, your essence, resource state. But it is the first mark that identifies spiritual way. 

It means that when you try to find happiness in inaction, sitting still in meditation, you have not taken your path yet.  For when you find your business, you quit the state of rest and inertia; you are bursting with restless energy, anxiety for action.

You have no need to look for any external motivators to move forward, you do not have to set goals and tasks, attend personal development trainings, prime yourself with some temporary positive. The impulse comes from the inside

Criterion 2

Another wise man said, “When doing your business, money cannot be a target. But it will always come into your life provided you have taken your path”.  

If you are doing something important as you see it, but money does not come into your life for some reason, you are not yet following your way. The world does not respond to your occupation by gratitude and an inflow of warmth expressed in a perceived material form. 

And it is also possible that you are shutting-off money yourself considering it to be something bad or thinking that one should render help on a non-repayable basis. In fact, you are devaluating your business, your way, and yourself. The clue is that you evaluate yourself as much as the others evaluate you.

Money is an inevitable companion of spirituality.

I do anticipate lots of questions like “what about saint hermits?” I will give a simple answer. Everything related to refusal of the world – refusing money, sex, tasty food- is a path of negation. Forgoing pleasures is forgoing the joy of life. In a state of trueness, there is a lot of joy and completion – of food, sex, money, air, sun – of everything.   

How to choose your niche 

There are a lot of methods of choosing one’s niche. But I will provide you with another approach in the framework of ‘business from the inside’ idea. 

Make up an intention. An intention to feel that very state you feel when doing your business. To feel the taste, smell, color, and texture of emotions, the sense of completion. When there is no strain, but there is a lot of energy, when you do not have to hurry anywhere in order to achieve your goal. Make up an intention to find yourself in a state of having already got where you would like to get – the state of your vocation.  

And the next day observe everything happening around you, live a full life. Let yourself not rush anywhere, enjoy the completion that has come. And it will come. It will surely already come next day; it has been proved. I have been through this myself.   

And it is only this state which can get rise to the Idea. The Idea of a future business. This Idea can be put into being by thousands of ways. Once you have got a feel of the Idea, a selection of a particular way of implementation is more a matter of the technique.Check what is most demanded in the market, where it will be better and easier to fulfill yourself, express your inner world, cover larger scale. In any case, you will understand what you are doing business for, what state you would like to achieve, what part of yourself you want to get to. 

The state you will feel on the day of intention will gradually vanish but an aftertaste will stay. You will remember your goal, your state, remember why you are making this business for. It will be your motivation. 

Criteria for the choice of niche

There is another way to know whether you have chosen the right niche. 

In a spiritual state, money is a form of gratitude expression;  is ‘warm’ money combining the features of male and female mental spaces. 

This means that your goal, the reason why you are building your business, this way or another, comes to one final point:  rendering help to others and a sense of completion as a result. 

When you ask yourself, ‘What do I want to take up ceramic cookers sales for?’, the answer, ‘for they sell good, and I can raise money by this’ draws you off the right way.  An idea of making the city better and brining joy to certain people whom you have segmented your niche for is already about a search of true value of your business.  

The value of your business is the significance of your help in the esteem of other people.  Keep it in mind when choosing your niche.