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You have got classical Soviet education. First you graduated from Kolmogorov's phys-math school, then you was extern student at Physics Department of Moscow State University, them you spent 2 years as post-graduate student at Australian National University. How young scientist could get interested in astrology?

In fact there is no contradiction. In early 2000s when I was studying astrophysics I came across the articles on astrology - I was interested in scientific approach to forecasting based on planetary influence. These articles became the catalyst of my interest in astrology.

I started my research attempting to find a track of real forecasting astrology since there were historical evidence of such science. But I didn't succeed. At least in Russia where I fond just modern astro-psyhological description of the person. My research brought me to London Academy of Predictive Astrology where I got first serious astrological background. Later on I became a student of famous British astrologer John Frawley who introduced me techniques of exact prediction. They were far away from what modern astrology uses. These techniques were my first step into serious forecasting discipline.

When it comes to prediction I unwittingly imagine lady with crystal ball, guessing on coffee and other exotic ways of foretelling. How stars can influence events in our life if they are millions miles away?

I will disappoint you here. Stars are not the source of prospective events. Concrete circumstances of man's life is direct projection of his psychical reality. It is well proven fact in psychology. It means that this is individual who is the source of events to happen not the stars. But more important is that he creates these events unconsciously - this is also well studied fact.

Unconscious processes in their turn are well structured and manifest not chaotically in time as modern psychologists think but in a very ordered manner. Planets like time triggers create convenient conditions for unconscious processes to flow. And they flow in a specific moments of time creating particular events in one’s life. That’s why when you look at movement of celestial sphere you can with certainty say what is going to happen in person’s life

The world is reactive, the world is like a postman - you sent request from the bottom of the heart, you receive an answer - event or condition you really expect. And you do it in a very timing manner. The point is that 99% of our real motives are hidden from ourselves, since they are unconscious. I would say we are asleep and live our lives mechanically with no awareness, that's why we are subject of cosmic rhythms which create certain timeframe of your life. That is why exact prediction is possible.

Over the last 20 years lots of charlatans and swindlers have discredited astrology in Russia. They are experienced psychologists rather than astrologers - they anticipate what the customer wants to hear. Their predictions are uncertain, wordy and generic, they suitable for everybody and can be read in different ways. Do your predictions also have ambiguous interpretation?

My forecasts have nothing to do with generic statements and psychological tricks to get an answer from a client. In my predictions I deal with precise facts with no psychological description of personality - I just state future events in a very clear way.

You say your forecast have more than 90% accuracy - how do you know that?

Recently I summarized results of past 7 years of my practice. Together with my students I did more that 10,000 exact forecasts. More than 90% of them were correct. This is just a statistics. All these forecasts were made on a basis of Medieval horary astrology - this is the highest state of the art of forecasting

What differs horary astrology from usual astrology?

Horary astrology has two main differences. First - with it’s help you cannot make general predictions. You will never get exact answers on questions like «what will happen to me next year». Horary astrology is only applicable for forecasting of concrete situation in your life.

Second, it doesn’t use birthdate as regular astrological practice does. It uses time and place where the question was asked to astrologer. The important point is that question ought to be asked from the heart since horary chart represents the real unconscious motives. Anyway, astrologer is able to see if question is real or it is just curiosity.

Few years ago you challenged representative of astrological schools and offered them to take part in competition for best prediction. Did they accept you offer?

Invitation were sent in different astrological schools of Russia. Initial interest was very high, the competition was widely discussed, but no one accepted the offer.

I have heard a lot that most of predictions are based on Placebo effect. It is enough for person to be told on future that he starts acting according to prediction.

As a scientist I was also interested in this effect in my practice. To clarify this question I performed special experiments where I wrote my prediction and publicly protected it from reading until it is proved. Then I revealed what was written so everybody be sure - this excluded Placebo effect.

Many astrologies says that their forecasts are made due to special spiritual skills which were given them by parents. Do you also use some sort of extra sensual capabilities?

No, my forecasts are results of accurate calculation and strict logics rather than divine revelation. For thousands of years of existence horary astrology has collected powerful tools - tables, concrete rules, mathematical models. These tools are precise and logical - no mystics or dances with tambourines.

For instance if you ask about future of your business project I look at cross point between main meridian and ecliptics, find a specific sign of zodiac there, than based on tables I find a certain planet which shows your business. Then I look at the movement of that planets and what happens with it - the same will happen with your business

Your clients are mostly businessmen who value their time and preciseness of information. What are the most common questions?

They normally come to me when they need to make important decision in lack or absence of necessary information. I often asked questions on hidden risks, for instance what would be outcome of a deal, or project-launch or what would happen if rely on business partner or if hire new top manager, or what would be if invest in particular sphere (real estate, shares, etc.). But these questions are not the only ones. My clients often ask me about their personal relationship, legal issues, health diagnosis and much more.

And last but not least question. If client’s privacy allows could you bring some examples of business-prediction?

Some time ago a businessman who planned participation in tender came to me to know the outcome of competition. I saw that another «shadow» company had its important role in this tender. The result was already planned for benefit of that company and tender was declared just as visibility of honest competition. And so it proved later. This prevented my client from essential loses.

Another case was about the bank’s reliability - it turned out that it would became a bankrupt in 14 days and now it is right time to withdraw money. And so it proved exactly as forecasted. This helped my clients to save their money. Even in my business I had a security issue and found out an employee who made this breach with help of astrology in 3 minutes.